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I want to share a story with you.  I hope you won't get to bored.

Cyreathia at ReyerWare and I have recently become friends here on CC.  I was telling her via email that I have fat lobes and can't find post earrings with a post long enough to go through my ears.  I do not care for the hook like earrings now days and use to wear posts in my younger years.  I am now 51 and I truly believe the last time was when I was aound 19 or 20 when I had to give up pierced earrings. ....

I have NOT wore earrings except CLIP ON's which HURT too of almost 30 years!  But at least dont make my ear so sore inside that I cant wear them once in a while.

Out of the blue ReyerWare asked me for my shipping address and behold she sent me a pair of earrings you see without asking for one red cent.... Now you tell me who you would like to work with and buy from?

A beautiful person not worrying about making that all mighty dollar - just a beautiful person inside thinking about someone else!



Arent they just beautiful ! 

Cyreathia , There are not enough words to Say THANK YOU for being YOU !